Get Acquainted With Lifestyle And Culture

When you get in the heart of St. François Longchamp, you will immediately enter a world filled with tradition, history and local culture. From regional cuisine to architecture that represents this particular area, there are lots of things that you should do when it comes to lifestyle.

You can also choose to take toured guides through cultural landmarks that will leave you completely satisfied.

Therefore, we decided to present you the best cultural attractions and ideas that you should know about St. François Longchamp:

Ferme Cartier

If you want to see how people live and create their natural food in St François Longchamp, you have to come to this excursion. This particular farmhouse contains a herd of dairy coves.

Ferme Cartier

During winters, they spend their hours here while during the spring, they go to the plains of Saint-Avre so that they can chew on pastures where the grass is full of taste and fantastic mountain colors.

That is the main reason why milk is excellent. However, we also have to mention that these farms specialize in making the perfect cheese. You can purchase whatever you want directly from the farm.

Le voyage de Fanny – Film 2015

Cinema “Le Fanny”

This particular cinema is one of the most important cultural places in St. François Longchamp. You can find it next to Longchamp station. It can accommodate more than 150 people, and you can easily enjoy a 3D and digital experience.

There are all the latest movies available that are identical to all the major cities.

They update the program every week, and you will be able to check whether you would like to go or not.

Le Grand Filon

The best way to explore the Savoy iron mines is to choose this particular excursion so that you can find out more about the history of France. It is at an altitude of 900 meters, in Hurtieres range, where you can explore ancient miners’ tracks that are older than 700 years.

Le Grand Filon

You can experience the mining gallery environment and the light of headlamps that will help you discover old techniques for processing and extracting ore.

You will get a perfect underground experience when you visit this gallery that has access to other monumental chambers and galleries. Just follow the steps of miners to enter the world of Emile Zola and other writers of the Industrial Era. The duration is 45 minutes, and it is accessible for everybody.