Saint Francois Longchamps

Snow, Flowers And Beautiful Resorts – Find The Perfect Time For Visiting Saint Francois Longchamps

Saint Francois Longchamps is one of the most beautiful destinations in South East France. In this small place you can find activities for every member of the family and also relax without doing much. Keep on reading as we unveil which the best month for visiting this magical place is and what activities you can do.

Snow, The Best Asset

Being a mountain place, snow is the biggest asset that this city has. Most people attend to practice ski, snowboard and other snow-related sports and then stay to enjoy the beautiful scenery of pure French small-town wonders, people and exquisite food. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the snow tracks available will have a place for you; you can take all kinds of lessons and roam freely among other sportspeople in snow-covered mountains.

The snowy months are very humid with December leading the chart at 71,9% of average. This is great for snow-loving people and also, added to the calm to non-existent wind, the combination to practice skiing and other winter sports is perfect. The average in this regard is of only 8.7 knots as an average in the windiest month, which is April.

Tourism And Safety

Safety for tourism is one of the most important matters. According to the latest records (February of 2019), the area is considered “somewhat safe” for travelers. One of the main suggestions for tourists and visitors, especially those going to practice snow sports is to be careful in terms of physical exercise to avoid injuries. It is not uncommon to make the mistake of going to a track you are not supposed to or faster than you can handle.

Crowded Months & Prices

Most people go to Saint Francois Longchamps to enjoy the snowy season, which make January and February the most crowded months of the year to go. Also, those months and July have the highest prices for accommodation, food and activities fee. December is a little lower on prices and still beautiful, but the best month to go in the year is November. In this month you can enjoy the best weather with snow to perform all sports you want and also lower prices because the high season has not started yet. In case you want to go in the summer, you can also attend in late May or early June to avoid the price increase and still enjoy marvelous weather. Other option is to go for a late summer vacation and spend some days in early to mid-August enjoying the wonders of transition between summer and autumn at the mountains.

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To take care of your budget and be in a not-so-crowded environment, you can enjoy the close-to-high-season months of November, June and August. If budget and people don´t bother you, then you can enjoy the best of the city in January, February and July. Saint Francois Longchamps is a beautiful place all year long.