Year Planner: Saint Francois Longchamp Festivals You Should Plan To Attend

Saint Francois Longchamp is beautiful all year round. The snow-covered mountains that stand out during winter transform into stunning green landscapes come summer.

Visitors even comment that breathing the cool fresh mountain air puts the mind at ease.

If this is your first time touring southeastern France, here’s a recommendation of fun-filled outdoor festivals in 2018.

Girl Cum (2019)

Girls Cumming Multiple Times
Girls Cumming Multiple Times

Having something new to attend on your mind? Good, because there is something very special just around the corner. It’s digital festival, a grand opening should we say, of Girl Cum – adult series dedicated to female orgasms. As we all know, women are tricky when it comes to this subject and this is why this special video series is going to answer all the questions – in 4K videos and pretty much very graphic episodes containing hardcore. Preview by entering the official video website.

Little Mieschief In Mitain’s Festival (4-6th April)

Goupy, the amiable fox mascot.

If you’re touring Saint Francois Longchamp as a family, this is a free family-friendly event that’s both educational and entertaining. The theme of Little Mieschief in Mitain’s Festival is bringing a laid-back approach towards education.

Goupy, the amiable fox mascot hosts this outdoor event. Children participate in spelling bees, science experiments, art projects, and so much more. Everybody’s a winner because the games enhance children’s ability to learn common subjects taught in school. Plus, it’s a great place for children to gain exposure through interacting with kids from different continents.

There’s plenty of delicious native French dishes you should sample. Bouncing castles, bicycles, and playgrounds full of ball pits will keep your children occupied throughout the afternoon. The event organizers have a no-pet policy.

Saint Francois Longchamp Traditional Fair (August 15th)

Informative and thrilling events

This event will give you a personal experience of living a typical day as a French citizen in the 18th century. All participants wear woolen, linen, and leather costumes, some decorated with either feathers or jewelry. The program contains informative and thrilling events for the entire family. In fact, visitors can bring their pets.

At 10 am, you’ll attend a two-hour long traditional mass at Notre Dame de Beaurevers Chapel, Montaimont. Forget about pizzas, espressos and all 21st-century diet and enjoy a diverse buffet of 17th-18th-century meals. In fact, the event organizers go the extra mile of providing ancient cutlery similar to those you see on Game of Thrones. Expect a lot of boiled meat and vegetables.

Things go up a notch at 3:30 pm. Guests enjoy a traditional costumes parade featuring children, teen, and adult models. So, make sure you fully charged your camera’s battery in advance. You’ll also need it to record the exciting moments that occur during various traditional games. For instance, the wife carrying competition that consists of an obstacle-filled racing track.

Second in popularity is the wheelbarrow race. Each team consists of a driver and a “wheelbarrow”. One teammate uses his hands for support and movement while the teammate grabs both ankles akin to real wheelbarrow handgrips. The team that crosses the finish line first wins.

Cinema Le Fanny Film Festival (Date To Be Announced)

A modest movie theater.

Similar to the Sundance Festival, Cinema Le Fanny Film Festivals happen annually. It’s a great opportunity for filmmakers and photographers to network in a relaxed professional environment. This event attracts filmmakers from mainstream genres. Since teens also attend Cinema Le Fanny Film Festivals, the organizers avoid screening pornography and hardcore horror films.

The Fanny Cinema is a modest movie theater that accommodates 160 people per screening. You may wonder why the movie theatre is so small, but Saint Francois Longchamp’s total population is approximately 200 people. This is actually an advantage because it enables Fanny Cinema’s management to provide high-quality seats and snacks.

Tickets for adults cost 10 Euros while minors pay half the amount.  The management offers discounts to groups with a minimum of 10 members.

Cinema Le Fanny Film festival takes place during summer and provides a balance between independent French and foreign-produced films.

Wooden Models Manufacturing (March- 4th April 2018)

Learn how to create models.

Here’s an opportunity for you and your family to learn how to create models in an exciting workshop.

The event organizers consist of seasoned carpenters and timber experts based in France. During the first week, you’ll learn about the different types of wood, common defects, preservation techniques.

Each week, the trainers provide a theme for weekly class assignments. The practical lessons learned when creating miniature houses and cars enable you to create perfect gift items during major annual holidays. Just like the Little Mieschief in Mitain’s Festival, this event provides entertainment wrapped inside education.

You won’t pay any entrance fees plus there’s plenty of French and native European food to enjoy.